Basic Strategies In Craps

Many strategies of players revolve around the knowledge of which bet should be made and which bet should be avoided.

Free Odds The most noticeable strategy made by craps veterans is to always put free odds. Since the casino has no advantage on the free odds you put, it also drops its edge on your overall bet. The house edge drops as you place more free odds on your bet.

Free odds are added by putting chips behind your main bet on the line. After the come out roll, the odds bet can be placed and removed at any time. The additional amount for your free odds is determined by the casino. It can permit bets amounting to double to a hundred times your original wager.

Rhythmic or Controlled Shooting

Shooters can sometimes learn to throw the dice in such a manner that they limit the chances of spinning the 7 when they have no need for it and increase their chance of getting the 7 when they do need it. This entails handling the dice in their hands with their desired numbers facing up, and then moving their hand so that the dice hits each other and shake but remain in position. Practicing the roll itself requires a lot of time to develop. This removes some of the haphazardness of the roll, thereby enhancing the chances of the shooter to get the number he desires.

Bear in mind, though, that you cannot put your own bet on your own roll. (This may arouse the suspicion of the casino and forbid you to play). However, you can limit the effect of bad shooters on your winnings by not gambling on every one of them. Point out the good rollers and gamble when they attempt to shoot.

Spotting Streaks and Trends and Riding Them

When you are on the table and you find someone beginning to hit winning numbers, keep betting on that shooter. For any reason, mathematically possible or not, many craps experts believe that there is such a thing called streak and if you detect them you can greatly boost your chances of winning. Most streaks are possible because of controlled shooting and is dependent on the shooter's ability to keep going. The key to this is learning how to spot "streaks" both at your own table and the other tables as well.

Tipping the Dealers

It does not hurt to think of your dealers. Higher odds can usually be placed on the table when you tip the dealer. Higher odds decreases the house edge. Giving tips can also brighten the day of the dealers and makes the game more exciting.

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