The Origin of Craps

The game of craps is one of the loudest and entertaining games in the casinos. Some players believe that the game was just invented by casinos in order for the players to have fun and divert their miseries from losing a game of poker or blackjack.

There is no direct origin of craps mainly because the history of the game itself is unclear. The foundation were craps originated was thought to be from the game called Hazard. But Hazard itself has a confusing and unclear history. It was rumored that Hazard was developed by Sir William of Tyre throughout the Crusades. It was believed that Sir William and his knights invented the game to beat the boredom while blockading a castle called Hazarth or Azarth. Many gambling games were invented during the Crusades due to this reason.

Another theory about the origins of Hazard is that it was invented by an Arab since many believed the word was derived from the Arabic word azzah, meaning dice.

Hazard was popular in Europe, it started from Britain then it landed in France. The game was even mentioned in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Lavish gambling houses in England held games of Hazard during the 17th century, and many noblemen and higher class players lost their fortunes because of playing Hazard.

The French immigrants brought the game to America and it became famous in New Orleans during the 1800's. However, the game was played unlawfully usually in back alleys and illegal casinos.

The name was changed to craps when it landed in America. The game and its rules became simpler. The riverboats of the Mississippi River in New Orleans were the most popular venues for craps. A dice maker named John H. Winn further improved the game that allows players to bet against him or with the shooter. The use of crooked dice was invalidated with the new improved version of the game.

The modern version of John H. Winn's craps then became the casino version of the game called Bank Craps. With the contribution of John H. Winn, he is renowned as the father of modern craps. The popularity of craps today is unimaginable. Almost every player in a casino would want to try their hand on shooting the two dice and hope for a good luck.

Countless players have lost in the game, but that won't stop them from trying their hand on the game each time they have the chance. Even in movies, craps seem to be a favorite casino game featured in Hollywood flicks. It is obvious that craps is here to stay.

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