Craps Beliefs and Superstitions

In the game of craps, luck in an essential element. With this, many avid craps players never have their own share of pre-game rituals and follow traditional craps superstitions during the game. Primarily, these superstitions are followed because of the belief that these will bring them good luck and will win fortunes in the game of craps.

Before playing craps, it is believed that one should observe first the craps table. If there are no other players currently playing the game, it is wise for the player to wait first for other players to play before engaging himself in the game. Otherwise, he is at risk of playing a "cold" dice. The dice should first be "warmed up" so as to have good rolls of the dice.

The next thing to remember for most craps players is to avoid letting their hands linger on the edge of the craps table. This is to prevent the hands to come in contact with the dice once the shooter throws the dice on the table. It is believed that when one of the dice or both of it make contact with the player's hand, seven will result in the roll.

Another thing that craps players consider is the one shooting the dice. If they have come to know that next shooter is female and has no prior experience in rolling the dice, they will surely place a bet on table for the belief that the shooter will bring good luck. On the contrary, if a male shooter will roll the dice for the first time, they will abstain from placing a bet until the shooter is replaced. This is because of the belief that a first-time male shooter will not deliver good rolls in the craps table.

Craps players who acts as shooters in the game must always say "same dice" when he overshoots the dice and went off the craps table. Requesting for another dice will cause other players to hold back their bets in the belief that changing the dice will cause a bad roll of the dice.

Lastly, it is believed that the stickman also plays a role in determining the luck of the player according to most superstitious beliefs. They believe that when the stickman pushes the dice to a particular player and the value of the dice is equivalent to seven, it will bring bad luck to that particular player. Also, if the stickman changes in the middle of the game, it is more likely the result of the next dice roll is seven.

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