Craps: Starting With The Basics

A craps table may be a pretty intimidating game for beginners because of the many confusing lines on a craps table. A beginner wishing to play craps should first learn the different types of bets that can be made at a craps table.

This article will help beginners briefly learn about the basic bets that can be made at the game of craps a novice should learn more about before moving on to the complex ones.

I. The simplest and most popular type of bet at a craps table is the "Pass Line Bet". Players who put their wagers on the "Pass Line Bet" hope that the dice will pass, or the point number is repeated before the 7 comes out.

Pass Line bets rely on the Come Out Roll. The Come Out Roll is the result of the first throw of a new dice thrower or shooter. The Come Out Roll could give Pass Line bettors a win (7 or 11), lose (2, 3, 12), or establish a new point number on other numbers.

The Point Number is the number that players will be betting to come out before the 7. When a Point Number is established an "On Puck" will be placed above the number. If there is no point number the puck will say off and be placed on the upper left corner of the board.

The dice will be said to have "passed" when the point number repeats. When the dice has passed, the player wins.

When a Point Number is established additional bets may no longer be removed but can still be increased. Pass line bets that wins pays even money.

II. Don't pass bets are similar with the Pass Line bets except that the players are betting against the shooter or dice thrower. Instead they are siding with the house. The Don't Pass bets also depend on the Come Out Roll. Don't Pass bets will lose when the Come Out Roll is either a 7 or 11, wins with a 2 or 3 and a standoff on a 12.

When the Point Number has been established, Don't Pass bets will win when the Pass Line bets loses. Don't pass bets may no longer be increased when the Point Number is established. But they may be decreased or removed any time.

III. Come Bets works the same way as a Pass Line Bet but it cannot be made during the Come Out Roll. Similar to the Pass Line Bet's Point Number the Come bet has the Come Point.

Original Come Bets will be moved to the come point area when the come out roll does not win (7, 11) or lose (2, 3, 12). Once moved to the come point area bets may no longer be added or removed. Players can however make free odds or side bets on the original come bets.

Winning come bets pays even money.

IV. Don't come bets are similar with the Don't Pass bets but it cannot be made during the Come Out Roll. Don't Come Bets losses when a 7 or 11 is rolled, wins when a 2 or 3 is rolled and a tie when a 12 is rolled.

If other numbers come up the chips will be placed on the "Don't come point area." Chips moved on the "Don't come point area" may no longer be added but can be removed any time. Chips that have been moved to the "Don't come point area" wins when a 7 is rolled and loses if the "Don't come point number" is repeated. Don't come bets that wins pays even money.

Confused? Well, get to a craps table and try it out and it will all come into focus.

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