The Game of Craps: A History

Craps is a popular casino game that uses dice in playing. It is probably one of the most complicated and difficult to understand gambling games, but craps is also the noisiest, most crowded and one of the most exciting games to play in the casino.

Dice games have been around for quite a long time. During the ancient times, dice games were found all over the world. Even as early as 600 BC the dice was found in ancient Egypt. Famous Roman emperors like Caligula, Nero and Augustin were known dice devotees. Traces of dice usage were found in various parts of the world: in the Indian epic 'Mahabharata', and in the Americas where American Indians used knucklebones to create dice. Even in the Arab world, the Arab term for dice and knucklebones were the same.

The origin of the dice is not secular in nature nor was it related to gambling in anyway. The earliest users of the dice were fortunetellers and shamans. They used the dice, then sacred devices like sticks, stones and bones, to predict the future. Of course, the features of the dice changed and evolved through the years.

Though the history of dice dates thousands of years ago, the game of craps is probably just more than one hundred years ago. The craps game is said to have come from and a direct descendant of the English game Hazard. Hazard was played during the Third Crusades when leaders such as Richard the Lion-hearted, Frederick Barbossa, and Philip Augustus of France led legions of armies to reclaim the Holy Land. It is said that soldiers at camp would play the game with dice and their shields as tables.

The English hazard game came to the United States when early English settlers came there. In 1800, the game had a large following. This was the time when the French called the gambling game craps.

Craps as a game changed and evolved since then. The casino craps table layout has developed through the years. It took sometime before the game of craps was revolutionized by John H. Winn. He enabled craps players to bet right or wrong. He also improved the craps table layout by placing a space for Don't Pass bets. In 1931, the game of craps and other gambling games were legalized in Nevada. Since then craps flourished to different parts of the world making craps, Las Vegas style, a casino favorite in all parts of the globe.

Through the years, craps players thought of ways to beat the house in playing craps. New craps betting and progressive systems were used by craps players in playing craps. The dream of one day rolling that perfect dice still pre-occupies the craps players of today.

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