Looking Back to the History of Craps

Craps is one of the premiere dice games played in casinos today. Both high and average rollers always take time to play this amazing dice game. Although many have basic knowledge on the mechanics of this game, few know how craps began and eventually became the amazing dice game we all love today.

The earliest game of dice that exhibits similarities to the modern craps was popularized by England. Sir William of Tyre, along with his faithful soldiers, played a game of dice from time to time while attacking the castle of "Hazarth". When the crusaders came back to England, they named the dice game into Hazard.

The game of Hazard became famous not only among soldiers but also the noble class of England. Noblemen lose or win fortunes. Eventually, Hazard crossed the English border and finally arrived in France. The French people also fell in love with the game that they tried to make it their own by changing its name. Due to difficulty in pronouncing "crab" for Frenchmen, which is one of the nickname fro Hazard, they pronounce it as "crap". From then on, the game was known as craps.

During the period of colonization, craps was brought to the United States by the French colonizer, who eventually founded the colony of Arcadia. Along with other casino games, craps became popular not only in the colony but also in different parts of the country.

One reason for craps to rapidly spread in the country is the migration of the people of Arcadia when the British colonizers invaded their territory. These people were called Cajuns and thy journeyed far and wide, carrying the game of craps with them, until they reached Louisiana.

New Orleans became the center of craps when Bernard de Mandeville simplified the game and transformed crap into a version closest to the game we play today. With this, craps became easier to play and accessible to more people.

Craps also became a popular game in the riverboats along the Mississippi river. This contributed much for craps to further spread across the nation. With the legalization of gambling during the early decades of the 20th century, craps became a favorite game in the casinos of Las Vegas. More and more people became interested in this popular dice game. Although craps have some pitfalls during the 90s, it made its comeback to the gaming world. Online crapes are also available today for more people to enjoy this remarkable game of dice.

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