Rules in the Game of Craps

The crowd at a land based craps game shows their enthusiasm by shouting and acting like fools. If it is your first time going in a land-based craps game, do not be alarmed. Expect the same thing again the next time that you visit the casino.

The word exciting is not enough to describe craps. Shouting and being a general freak is an accepted behavior in the craps table. But there are some gamblers who are irritated by this kind of behavior.

The playing environment in an online craps game is very different from the land base one. You can still immerse yourself in the game but you do not have to deal with the shouting and the unpleasant crowd.

In playing craps online, you have the chance to win the big jackpots and bonuses that different online casinos offer at the peaceful environment of your home. The fast pace of craps has no consideration for others who cannot readily follow the game.

There are certain laws that are followed in land-based craps that ensure the enjoyment of the players. In a land-based craps game, casino management strictly enforces all the rules because even a simple misunderstanding can cause a lot of trouble.

To avoid any problems in the game, it is important for officials and players alike to follow these rules. In online craps, there are no rules that you should follow. The playing environment is controlled by computers that strictly checked if all rules are being followed.

The dice that you have seen rolled in the craps table during land-based casino games are not similar with the dice that can be found in normal gaming board. The dice that are used in craps undergo careful inspection to avoid any form of cheating.

There are also a standard on how you should pick and toss the dice. The craps shooter must hold and throw the dice with only one hand. In throwing the dice, you should make sure that it will hit the end of the table.

In case the dice rolled away from the table, the only person that can pick it up is the stickman. The stickman will then study the dice for any damage. You should never touch the dice at any costs because this is not an unaccepted behavior.

If the chips were hit by the dice and are thrown outside the layout, it will scale down the amount of money that is wagered for that round. You cannot put the chips again until the results are announced. It is up to you as a craps player on where you will play.

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